Video Assessment is Making Better Impact in Real Education

Video Assessment
In the educational field, we can’t deny the importance of educational assessment. Its reason is that an educational assessment is a systematic process to document the knowledge, skills and beliefs of the students for the purpose of refining and improving learning abilities of the students. There are different types of assessment like formative assessment, summative assessment and dynamic assessment etc. Nowadays, we can see that video assessment is a new trend in the educational field. Video assessment is making a better impact on real education in the following ways;

Personalized Feedback:
With the help of video assessment, it is easy for the teachers to enhance the personalized learning environment in the classroom. These videos allow the teachers to talk with students on a one-to-one basis and assign them different tasks for assignment writing. After assigning different tasks to different students, the teachers can also monitor their progress. Video assessment is also known as time-saving assessment for the teachers because there requires less time in assessing the students through video assessment than written assessment. As video assessment is one-to-one interaction between the students and the teacher, therefore, students can ask those questions from their teacher that they can’t ask in the classroom. For this reason, teachers should try to encourage the students that they are free to ask any question relevant to their subject during the video conference.

Helpful In Assessing Soft Skills:
If you are assessing the students with the help of traditional assessment methods, you will be able to get an idea about the writing and memorizing skills of the students and it is not possible to you to get an idea about some other abilities of the students. For this reason, video assessment is also helpful for the teachers to assess some other soft skills of the students. For example, by collaborating with each other, teachers can get an idea about the communication skills of the students. Moreover, video assessment is also helpful to assess the pitching delivery and objection handling skills of the students. After assessing these skills, teachers can provide some necessary tips to the students. These tips will be helpful for them in their practical life.

Go Beyond Presentation Skills:
No doubt, video assessment is the best way for the teachers to assess the presentation skills of the students but it is also an effective technique to get an idea about the understanding level of the students. For example, if a teacher has assigned a mathematical problem in the classroom, he can check this problem on the computer screen. After capturing the progress of their students on the desktop screen, teachers can get an idea about their understanding levels and try to deliver the next lectures by keeping in mind these understanding levels of the students.

Accommodate Different Learning Styles:
There are some students who can easily solve written assignments. On the other hand, there are also some students who are not able to complete written assignments due to lack of writing skills. There is a possibility that these students have good communication skills. Therefore, video assessment is providing the best opportunities to their students that they should showcase some other skills. Therefore, we can also say that video assessment is helpful for the students to open up a new way to evaluate different strengths of the students.

Students Are More Interested:
It is also found that students show more engagement in the video assessment rather than a written assessment. Its reason is that they know that during the video assessment, they have to provide answers to the advisor‘s questions. Therefore, he can’t remain quiet. On the other hand, in the written assessment, he can hire a dissertation writing service to write assessments paper and then submit his paper just by writing his name and roll number.

Faster Grading:
After taking the written exams, there require several hours to check the papers and to assign grades to the students. On the other hand, if you are assessing the students through video conferencing, you will have to assign grades to the students immediately. Its reason is that you can easily assess the students and get an idea either a particular student has enough command over the subject or not. Therefore, you can immediately decide the grades of the students. There is also a possibility that students can get better grades because they have to personally connect with the teacher. Anyhow, as a teacher, if you want to conduct video assessment effectively, you have to practice it several times.